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SKU: RM7895A1014-REB
Honeywell RM7895A 1014 repair services by Acme Controls (Also available as Acme Advance Replacement Services-see REB Terms and Conditions tab, below)

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Honeywell RM7895A1014 Automatic Primary Control Module - Repaired by Acme Controls

Honeywell microprocessor based integrated burner control for on/off automatically fired gas, oil, or combination fuel single burner applications.

*Electronic rectification or ultraviolet flame detection, with appropriate color-coded plug-in amplifier.
*Recycles through prepurge if flame signal is lost while in run. Failure to establish pilot results in a lockout.
*Safe-start check prevents start-up if flame failure occurs.
*Includes built-in protection against ignition crossover in flame rod systems.
*Solid state circuitry.
*Mounts and removes easily through use of captive mounting screws.

Weight (lbs)4
Frequency50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature-40 to +140°F | -40 to +60°C
Electrical ConnectionsRequires subbase. See mounting options below.
Shipping Weight (lbs)4
MountingQ7800A1005 Panel Mount Subbase
Q7800B1003 Burner/Wall (2 KO) Mount Subbase
Q7800B1011 Burner/Wall (3 KO) Mount Subbase

Acme recommends purchasing the entire package, including the primary control and a flame amplifier. It will save you time and aggravation in the long run!

Don't forget your Flame Amplifier!!

For use with a flame rod, rectifying photocells, or C7012A/C solid state UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7847A10250.8-1sNo Self Check
R7847A10332-3sNo Self Check
R7847A10740.8-1sNo Self Check
R7847A10822-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7027/C7035/C1044 Minipeeper UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7849A10150.8-1sNo Self Check
R7849A10232-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7015 Infrared (IR) scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7848A10082-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7012E/F solid state UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7847C10052-3sDynamic Self Check

For use with C7076A/D UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7886A10012-3sDynamic Self Check

And...your purge timer!!

Select your purge timer from the following table based on the needs of your application:

Purge Timer Part #Purge Time
ST7800A10052 sec
ST7800A10137 sec
ST7800A102110 sec
ST7800A103930 sec
ST7800A104740 sec
ST7800A105460 sec
ST7800A106290 sec
ST7800A10702.5 min
ST7800A10884 min
ST7800A10966 min
ST7800A11049 min
ST7800A111212 min
ST7800A112015 min
ST7800A113822 min
ST7800A114630 min
ST7800A1153 (same as Cleaver Brooks #833-02730)30 min

RM7895 Tech Sheet

Flame Amplifiers Tech Sheet

Advance Replacement Services

This item, ending with -REB, is a repair service. In purchasing this service, you are agreeing to send us your non-functional, but repairable, control. It must not be burned, cannot have any water damage, and cannot be physically broken.

To simplify the return shipping process, a UPS Return Service (RS) Label will be added to your order and the cost of that return service will be included as a separate line item. You will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form and this UPS label in the carton along with the item(s) you have purchased.

Within 10 days of receiving your Rebuilt/Repair part, you must send your repairable control and RMA form back to Acme using the included UPS label. Failure to return a repairable core could result in additional charges of $200-$5000.

Cores returned after more than 10 days could result in late return fees of 10-100% of core charges.

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