Rebuilt Controls & Components

For over 75 years, Acme Controls has been rebuilding boiler and burner controls, saving customers up to 75% off the price of new equipment. Our qualified service technicians have decades of experience in a wide-range of components and parts used throughout multiple industries. Acme’s rebuilt controls and components are carefully inspected, meticulously cleaned, then repaired and tested to ensure reliability and accuracy. All Acme rebuilt parts come with a one-year warranty.

Rebuilt controls have part numbers ending in “-REB” and are only available on an repair/exchange basis.

  • Create paperwork (or Purchase Order) with your complete contact information, including phone number. This document must accompany your control.
  • Ship your repairable unit to:
    6140 W. HIGGINS AVE.
    CHICAGO, IL 60630
  • Once we receive your unit, we will inspect it to make sure it can be repaired.
    • If your control can be repaired:
      • We will contact you with a quote for the repairs, including return shipping charges, and request approval before proceeding.
      • Upon your approval, if we have a similar unit ready to ship, we will ship it same day according to your preferred shipping method.
      • If we do not have a unit available to ship, we will repair your unit in our shop, a process that takes 3-5 business days. After final inspection your unit will be returned to you, according to your preferred shipping method.
    • If your control cannot be repaired:
      • We will contact you to discuss your options, including control disposition. We offer very competitive pricing for new product, and much of it in stock ready to ship. We stand ready to assist you in replacing or upgrading any equipment that cannot be repaired.

Advance Exchange Service

Acme stocks thousands of current and obsolete controls for immediate shipment. By using our Advance Exchange Service, you can get your boiler or burner up and running in no time from our extensive inventory. You are never more than a day away from a timesaving, cost effective solution.

To make use of this service, you will need to send us a repairable core (no fire, water or physical damage) upon receipt of the “–REB” item we will ship to you. Please note the following:

  • To simplify the return shipping process, a UPS Return Service (RS) Label will be added to your order, and the cost of that return service will be included as a separate line item on your order.
  • You will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form and the UPS Return Service label in the carton along with the item(s) you have purchased.
  • Within 10 days of receiving your Rebuilt/Repair part, you must send your repairable core and the RMA form back to Acme using the included UPS RS label.
  • Failure to return a repairable core could result in additional charges of $200-$5000, as noted on your RMA.
  • Cores returned after more than 10 days could result in late return fees of $20-$200.

Contact Us if you have questions about our Rebuilt Controls or Advance Exchange Service.

Is Rebuilt Right for You?Rebuilts have advantages over new equipment, but the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Your part may need to be upgraded to a new model.
  • While a burner control can be rebuilt, the sensor for that model may need to be changed and may no longer work with the older control version.
  • Some cities and states have restrictions on the use of certain rebuilt flame safeguard burner controls and components; consult building codes to determine if a rebuilt component is acceptable for your installation or repair.

What Can Be Rebuilt?

Actionators, Gauges, Recorders, Actuators, Hydra Motors, Regulators, Amplifiers, Modutrol Motors, Scanners, Display Modules, Positioners, Solid State Chassis, Environmental Controls, Primary Controls, Temperature Controls, Flame Safety Controls, Programmers, Valves, Fluid Power Gas Valves

The Green Advantage: Thousands of controls are rebuilt every year instead of going to a landfill. Do your part for the environment by utilizing rebuilt equipment when possible.