Over 75 Years of Service

Since 1941, Acme has been providing repair services, new control equipment and OEM replacement parts to the Boiler, Burner, HVAC/R & hundreds of other industries.

Acme Controls was founded in 1941 when its founder, Walter L. Huening, identified a pressing need for quality repair services for the heating service trade. Acme was a custom repair shop located in a residential garage, strictly serving the Chicago area. Service professionals typically brought in failed controls and Acme technicians would repair that same control. This "repair and return" methodology often resulted in 2-3 days of customer downtime and remains the prevalent technique for most repair shops today.

Under the leadership of Walter's son, Robert C. Huening, Acme expanded into the industrial markets during the 1960s and the 1970s. This expansion coincided with changes in the boiler and burner control industry that saw Fireye Corporation and its 26RJ8 series of controls become a major player in large-scale boiler markets. At the same time, the industry leader, Honeywell, introduced new technology under the R4140 series banner. During this time period, Acme restricted its efforts to the service trade, but that was soon to change.

As the third generation of Huenings took control during the early 1980s, Acme once again expanded its focus and introduced a new time-saving program called Advanced Exchange Service. The expansion was aimed at the end-user markets, reversing 40 years of dedication solely to the service trade. This bold step was the result of research that indicated that a large number of fully trained boiler professionals employed at major institutions (schools, hospitals, manufacturers, building managers, etc.) would benefit from the Advanced Exchange Service. Because of these changes, Acme was able to solve the most time-critical problems for both the service trade and boiler operators and owners in heat-intensive industries. 

The new millennium has brought another level of growth and dedication to the boiler and burner markets. Acme has teamed up with industry leaders to provide Factory Authorized repair services under contractual agreement with AERCO, McQuay International, Johnson Controls and Toshiba. Acme has also taken customer service to a higher level by utilizing its position and purchasing power to provide factory-new equipment at competitive prices.

The future holds many more cost saving and time saving services dedicated to the boiler, burner and HVAC industries, and just as we have for nearly 80 years, Acme Controls will be leading the way. Come and join us on this journey!