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SKU: RM7800L1012-REB
Honeywell RM7800L 1012 repair services by Acme Controls (Also available as Acme Advance Replacement Services-see REB Terms and Conditions tab, below) RM7800L2012 legacy control.

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Honeywell RM7800L 1012 Enhanced Programmer - Repaired by Acme Controls

Honeywell microprocessor based integrated burner control for on/off automatically fired gas, oil, or combination fuel single burner applications.

*Electronic rectification or ultraviolet flame detection, with appropriate color-coded plug-in amplifier.
*Recycles through prepurge if flame signal is lost while in run. Failure to establish pilot results in a lockout.
*Safe-start check prevents start-up if flame failure occurs.
*Includes built-in protection against ignition crossover in flame rod systems.
*Solid state circuitry.
*Mounts and removes easily through use of captive mounting screws.

Weight (lbs)4
Frequency50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature-40 to +140°F(-40 to +60°C)
ApplicationGas, Oil, or Coal
Shipping Weight (lbs)4
Purge timeDetermined by purge timer card
MountingQ7800A1005 Panel Mount Subbase
Q7800B1003 Burner/Wall (2 KO) Mount Subbase
Q7800B1011 Burner/Wall (3 KO) Mount Subbase

Acme recommends purchasing the entire package, including the primary control, flame amplifier, and a purge timer card. It will save you time and aggravation in the long run!

Don't forget your Flame Amplifier!!

For use with a flame rod, rectifying photocells, or C7012A/C solid state UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7847A10250.8-1sNo Self Check
R7847A10332-3sNo Self Check
R7847A10740.8-1sNo Self Check
R7847A10822-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7027/C7035/C1044 Minipeeper UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7849A10150.8-1sNo Self Check
R7849A10232-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7015 Infrared (IR) scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7848A10082-3sNo Self Check

For use with C7012E/F solid state UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7847C10052-3sDynamic Self Check

For use with C7076A/D UV scanners:

Amplifier Part #Flame ResponseSelf Check
R7886A10012-3sDynamic Self Check

RM7800 Tech Sheet

Flame Amplifiers Tech Sheet

Advance Replacement Services

This item, ending with -REB, is a repair service. In purchasing this service, you are agreeing to send us your non-functional, but repairable, control. It must not be burned, cannot have any water damage, and cannot be physically broken.

To simplify the return shipping process, a UPS Return Service (RS) Label will be added to your order and the cost of that return service will be included as a separate line item. You will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form and this UPS label in the carton along with the item(s) you have purchased.

Within 10 days of receiving your Rebuilt/Repair part, you must send your repairable control and RMA form back to Acme using the included UPS label. Failure to return a repairable core could result in additional charges of $200-$5000.

Cores returned after more than 10 days could result in late return fees of 10-100% of core charges.

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