Acme’s Buy-Back Program
Do you have old, used or obsolete controls in your inventory?
Acme’s Advance Exchange Service is made possible in part through our Buy-Back Program. Acme regularly purchases controls and parts; we recycle the used parts and you receive payment and or credit good toward current or future orders. Participating in Acme's Buy-Back Program saves you the time and effort of disposing or storing old inventory and helps other businesses that will benefit from purchasing the rebuilt parts at a significant savings.
Parts We Need
  • Honeywell RM series
  • Honeywell RA890 series
  • Honeywell Mod IV
Have something outside of the above mentioned parts? Contact us and we’ll let you know if we are interested. All parts must be repairable (free of fire, water and physical damage) in order to be eligible for purchase.
Acme's Buy-Back Program is Simple:
  • Fill out the Contact Us form and include a list of parts in the Message section.
  • An Acme representative will contact you and let you know if we are interested in your parts.
  • We email you a UPS label to send your parts to Acme Controls.
  • You send your parts to us.
  • We receive and confirm the parts are eligible for repair (no fire, water or physical damage).
  • We will credit your account a minimum of $20/part or possibly issue a check.
Recycling your used inventory through the Acme Buy-Back Program is a great way to reduce your carbon foot print!